If you haven't noticed, '90s trends are still alive and breathing, and as always, the Daily Fit has got you covered. Our nostalgic list will breakdown the hottest throwback trends and how to get them, so that you can be rocking retro-inspired looks in no time.

Whether you were born in the '90s, were a teen in the '90s, or have never even lived the '90s, you're pretty much familiar with the decade's hottest trends because of their recent killer comebacks. That's why I am so excited to present you with the perfect nostalgic list that will have you looking trendy, chic, and retro! As always, I've picked out my favorite items that best embody '90s fashion, but don't forget to browse for more items on Shop Your Fit.


Windbreakers are back in style and the best way to master this iconic '90s look is to get pieces with fun colors like pastel pink or cobalt blue. A must-have item for this season, windbreakers are a versatile and durable garment, which is probably just one of the many reasons as to why they are making such a hot comeback.  


I Saw It First's Pink Colour Block Windbreaker will give you that '90s look effortlessly. Stand out amongst the crowd with its retro-inspired design and sporty style.


The Reflective Colorblock Windbreaker from Forever 21 is comfortable, fashionable, and straightforwardly '90s.

Wear my favorite picks with joggers or relaxed-fit jeans for a casual everyday outfit. For an even more retro-feel, coordinate your colorful windbreaker with some colorful sneakers.


Don't worry, you don't have to go into your mother's closet to get the classic '90s mom jeans look or to find wide legged pants. Many well-known brands are bringing back these pant styles in fun and modern ways.


The Acid Wash Out For Us High-Waisted Mom Jeans is the perfect embodiment of '90s style. For more retro-inspired pieces like this one, check out Nasty Gal's latest collection, '90s Baby With Heir.


These Edie Wide Leg Pants from Free People are everything you need when going for that '90s-inspired feel. They're plaid, high-rise, and wide legged – what more could you want?


These Wide Leg Jeans from Zara have a relaxed style to them that really bring back memories from the '90s. Its washed effect add that extra flare that will leave you looking trendy and vintage.

Mom jeans and wide legged pants are staple items that you need in your closet. Feel free to stick to the classic '90s style look or shop for more contemporary designs that still feel retro.


Welcome back, velvet! We've missed you! I've honestly been such a big fan of velvet ever since I saw pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a red velvet suit by Tom Ford at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards. I'm glad I didn't have to hold my breath too long for this '90s trend to make a comeback.


Since I am such a big fan of that iconic red velvet suit, naturally one of my favorite picks is the Can You Feel It Plus Velvet Blazer by Nasty Gal. It totally screams '90s fashion.


The Velvet Bomber Jacket from Adidas combines two '90s trends into one. While colorful bomber jackets were all the rage in the early 1990s, this jacket will be sure to give you that retro-feel when you want to sport all black.


If we're talking '90s, we have to talk plaid. Plaid is a fabric that has been iconic for many, many decades, but '90s plaid is a whole other level. There were essentially two types of plaid: plaid from the movie 'Clueless', which gave off a chic schoolgirl vibe, and plaid flannel, which transmitted an angsty grunge look.


The Wanda Blazer Plaid by Beginning Boutique is a modern take on the classic '90s schoolgirl plaid look. Feel sleek, classy, and timeless in this pick.


These Plaid Woven Trousers from Forever 21 can give you that angsty grunge vibe in a more contemporary way. Plaid trousers are totally in because of the '90s feel that they give off so make sure to buy a pair today!

Nowadays, plaid is making a comeback in a variety of ways, so don't be afraid to experiment with all the different types of plaid garments available.


If we look at photos from any red carpet in the 1990s, we're bound to see some of the hottest stars strutting their stuff in slip dresses. This trend has been making a fast comeback as some of today's most famous celebrities have been snapped sporting iconic black slip dresses.


The Zillah Slip Dress by ARE YOU AM I is unapologetically '90s. The thin straps, the sleek neckline, and extra low back are totally in and super sexy.


The Alma Slip Dress from La Causa emulates '90s style with its acid wash pattern, v neckline, and spaghetti straps. Feel cool and chic in this pick.


Throwing on a classic graphic t-shirt is the easiest way to get that '90s retro look. Wear underneath your favorite bomber jacket or windbreaker for an even more nostalgic outfit. The key to this trend is to wear t-shirts with designs that are recognizable and timeless, like your favorite artist or TV show.


The Aaliyah Graphic Tee from Forever 21 is the perfect example of '90s fashion. The blue spray paint around the unmistakable image of Aaliyah are the best features of this pick that will have you looking stylishly retro.


The Bleach Graphic Tee from Forever 21 is another pick that emulates 1990s feels. Although Bleach was a popular anime series in the early 2000s, the design and fit of this t-shirt mimic '90s graphic clothing in a contemporary way.


Tracksuits are so '90s and they are so in. They're fun, fashionable, sporty, and very vogue. The secret to rocking this retro trend is to find tracksuits with cool designs and trendy colors. Lots of well-known athletic brands have been selling tracksuits for a while now, expertly working in that signature '90s feel.


Dutch fashion designer, Danielle Cathari created this Track Top for Adidas so that wearers can feel sleek and chic in their tracksuits. You don't need to be in the '90s to rock such an exceptional track top. Get the matching track pants to complete the look.  


The BX-20 Graphic Track Top is an edgy spin on the classic Adidas tracksuit. Feel retro and modern in this stylish track top. Don't forget to buy the matching track pants for an ultimate throwback look.


To end this nostalgic list, we have to end with overalls. Denim overalls and corduroy overalls were trendy in the '90s and lots of brands are bringing this look back with classic designs and styles. Having a fashionable pair of overalls is essential, especially when you want your wardrobe to have that '90s feel.


The Christina Overalls by Free People is classic, stylish, and versatile. It's relaxed-fit and straight leg gives off this subtle retro vibe that will have your outfit looking '90s-inspired.


The M's Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls - Short by Patagonia isn't '90s denim or corduroy but it still is a great pick for when you want to look fashionably retro. Wear with a colorful windbreaker or a plaid flannel if you feel like going all out!

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Many are thrilled about this rebirth of iconic '90s fashion because it brings back a sense of familiarity. However, others hope that not everything (low-rise jeans) will come back into style because it just brings back embarrassing memories.

Yet, that's the beauty of fashion! Some trends die, others are created, but the lucky ones are those that come back time after time.