These five body positive influencers have not only dramatically changed the face of fashion, TV, and music, but they are also changing the definition of beauty to be much more inclusive.

The most popular influencers on social media tend to have a significant impact in how we define beauty standards. Most of the time, these beauty standards push an unrealistic image of what our bodies should look like, leaving many to feel as though they are not good enough. This led brands to rethink and reimagine the definition of beauty and fashion as they worked diligently to include models of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, within the last several years, many designers and entrepreneurs have created and invested in size inclusive brands so that everyone and anyone could feel as though they can rock their favorite styles regardless of their size.

Influencers who use their voice to spread body positive messages have been a source of inspiration for people who once felt as though they weren't represented at all in the fashion industry or beauty community. These body positive influencers have been paving the way for young people around the world to feel confident in their skin and to love themselves.

Without further ado, here are five body positive influencers that you need to be following as they spread messages of self love and acceptance.



Photo Credits: Harpers Bazaar, 2020

Ashley Graham has made history throughout her modeling career and has instilled body-positivity among her large following. Graham was actually the first plus-size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 2016, and ever since then she has worked endlessly to increase the visibility of plus-size women in the fashion industry. In her Instagram bio, Graham features the hashtag "#beautybeyondsize" to remind her followers that their worth is not based on a number. She also has her own YouTube Channel called Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham, posting a variety of content including intimate conversations with other celebrities about relevant topics related to their careers. Recently, she has been posting weekly vlogs, taking viewers along with her as she models, walks runways, and spends time with family. In every piece of the content that she's involved in, she constantly reminds people that beauty is so much more than size.

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Photo Credits: Stella Magazine, 2019

Iskra Lawrence, like Graham, is no stranger to the modeling industry and has been very public about her modeling journey. Last summer, Lawrence posted a photo on Instagram of her modeling as a teen and compared it to one of her most recent photos, writing that many may believe she was healthier as a young, slim teenager, but argues that she's so much healthier now as she nourishes, loves, and respects her body. Lawrence has always been bravely transparent about how she has faced body shaming and online bulling because of her size. Yet, she constantly spreads messages of self-acceptance and preaches self-love as she believes the industry can make more room for plus-size women. Just like Graham, she recently became a mother and shares how she is taking care postpartum by uploading workout photos detailing her current fitness and wellness journey.

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Photo Credits: Elle Mexico, 2020

Barbie Ferreira has rocketed to even greater popularity after her acting debut in HBO's Euphoria. Before portraying Kat Hernandez, Ferreira modeled for many well-known brands including Forever 21, Adidas, H&M and more. She is best known for her appearance in Aerie's 2016 #AerieREAL campaign which featured untouched photos of Ferreira, sending a message to young girls and boys across the world that everyone is naturally beautiful. Ever since the beginning of her modeling career, Ferreira has been unapologetically herself without shame and constantly reinforces the idea that plus-size models are just as healthy and as fit as other models within the industry. Within the last four years, Ferreira has starred in a variety of YouTube videos for Teen Vogue, Allure, and Cosmopolitan because of her charismatic personality and down-to-earth attitude. Catch her on this month's cover of Cosmopolitan and read about how she's growing both professionally and personally.

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Photo Credits: Mod Magazine, 2020

For the past couple of years now, Jordyn Woods has been making a name for herself as she works with multiple fashion and beauty brands to increase the visibility of curvy women. Though many might only know her because of her ex-friendship with Kylie Jenner, Woods has proven that she is so much more than that. In a 2018 interview with Teen Vogue, Woods talks about the backlash she faced when she started to publicly talk about how she was working out, stating that people thought that she was no longer happy with her size and shape. Woods stated that her decision to work out "wasn't to ever look a certain way" but to better both her physical and mental health. Since then, Woods has been unstoppable and has been working towards becoming the best version of herself, no matter what size or shape that may be. Over the past two years, she has collaborated with beauty brands, creating her own line of products like lashes and wigs. She has also starred in the BET+ film Trigger, and assures her fans that the best is yet to come.

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Photo Credits: GREYGOOSE Music Video by Dounia, 2020

Singer, songwriter and model, Dounia has made significant strides within the last several years and gained popularity as a body-positive Instagram model. In a 2019 interview with Teen Vogue, Dounia discusses how her modeling career allowed her to begin writing and producing music, something that she always thought was just a hobby. Yet, Dounia success hasn't come easy, she has had to constantly prove herself as a model just because society has historically fed unrealistic standards of beauty that don't normally champion women who look like Dounia (she actually once arrived to a photo shoot and the security guard questioned whether she was a model because of her size). Nowadays, Even though Dounia is more focused on her music career, she has created her own brand called BubbleScotch, selling different types of jewelry. You can catch her in her latest music video for her song, GREYGOOSE.

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