By: James Winters

Do you know thrift shopping can save you tons of money and make you look neat and sassy in fashion? That is one of the reasons why I’m so obsessed with thrift shopping for my style. Before, I used to see girls with incredible pieces, and I thought they were rich girls, and I that I couldn't afford what they had. My first thoughts were: "I will find awful, old, ugly clothes at thrift stores", but fortunately, that was not the case for me. Perhaps I was lucky during my first thrift shopping experience at The outstanding quality, which I always see since the first-day to date, looks, feels, to be too good to be authentic. But it's surprisingly real, and you should try it. Before you go for your next thrift treasure hunting of pre-loved clothes, here are some do's and don’ts tips to take note.

Make a plan using your smartphone

Due to development in science and technology today, you don’t have to move from one thrift store to another, searching for a product. Use the keyword search to write what you need on the website search button and then apply as many filters as you wish; you can also upload or take a photo of that garment you fell in love with. You can save images of your inspiring fashion and upload those photos at when you are ready to buy. The site will bring you up the most similar items available in your size.

Sell your pre-loved garments

Selling my pre-loved garments is another way I use to stick to my budget. I use this way to clean my old closet and make a passive income, which I use to update my wardrobe. To have your pre-owned garments at you should first upload them to Poshmark, so you'll have two different possibilites to sell your stuff fast.

Dress for the occasion

Today, I don’t have to go to a thrift store and start looking for a dressing room because has designed and developed a body-scan technology, which I can scan my body in less than two minutes. Then I receive the size recommendations of every clothing brand I want to shop.

Use cash only to shop to avoid Impulse

During my first thrift shopping, I used my credit card for paying, and honestly, in thrift shops, everything is attractive. I overspent money on clothes, which it was so unnecessary. It is hard to fall into the trap when you have fixed cash at hand. Note it is advisable to purchase clothes you only need in your wardrobe.

Tailor your Thrift Store Finds.

Whether you got yourself a new thrift or vintage, it is clear that every cloth should fit you perfectly. With ShopYourFit you'll see products listed for your size, but you may fall in love with something that's only available 2 size more than you... If you need more customization, consult a tailor. It is advisable to take thrift to dry cleaners for better cleaning.

Make friends with your thrift store staff

Making friends with your thrift store staff is an added advantage to your style and budget. Friends help you find the best products and give you valuable information about merchandise. is always my number one thrift store friend. At, I can quickly get what I want or get recommendations about new or vintage products at a discount. They also create lists and sale alerts on their blog The Daily Fit, you should check it out.

So, what are you waiting for? Try thrift shopping with today!