By: Silky

Fashion is an expression of you, and you should never be made to feel ashamed of your size. The average-sized woman wears between 14 and 16, however, there are a lot of retail stores that stop at size 12 excluding many women from the market. So why is the Fashion Industry still so fatphobic?

Our society is Fatphobic, and unfortunately, plus-sized people are discriminated against and even made fun of. Skinny body types are preferred and considered cute and ideal. Large body types are looked at as being unhealthy and undesirable. With platforms like Social Media, it is continuously instilled into our heads that “skinny” is the preferred body type, and “plus-size” is not. Skinny people have the privilege of wearing whatever they want without being judged.

Fashion is Still Fatphobic

Yes, I believe that fatphobia is still a thing in the Fashion Industry today. Young designers are trained to design clothing for thinner mannequins. Thin bodies are ideal in the fashion industry.  Whenever I shopped for a small size and the store was out of the item the sales associate would always be willing to take the clothes off the mannequins. When clothing is displayed in the stores it is always the small sizes that are used. When I shop at major retailers, I see that there is fewer plus-sized clothing in the stores and online. They normally carry small sizes but, if you are a size 16 or above you must order your clothing online. Stores that do carry plus sizes normally have them stocked in “out of the way “spots in their own section. The fact that plus-sized needs its own section is problematic and signaling out.

What the Fashion Industry is Doing to Fight Against Fatphobia.

While there are designers and fashion brands who are consciously thinking and designing for the plus sized woman more needs to be done. You now see plus-sized models in fashion runways and on fashion covers. Models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday have made names for themselves in plus-sized modeling with inspiring careers.

A woman’s body size and type will change throughout her lifetime, because of this Designers are turning to adaptive design. Adaptive design is clothes that are made to change as your body changes enabling longer wear out of your clothing. Some designer brands are carrying sizes from 00 – 40 without compromising on quality. Which is great, time to make inclusive sizing the norm.

What can you do to help?

  • Support plus-sized and body-positive stores like
  • Support your plus-sized friends with encouraging words about their body type
  • Love your body whatever size you are, your body deserves love and admiration
  • Let’s lift each other up and spread love and respect always!