Fashion and not-that-techy: Moschino puppets show
Super-Natural: Virtual Reality Fitness Classes
QR Codes: fashion's new tech essential

Fashion innovations in 2019  were surprisingly unreal for many people. But 2020, mainly because of the pandemic and it's consequences, is taking a whole new level. Every brand is trying to stay on-trend with the latest innovations, and the whole industry is changing very fast. Today, I brought three different practices I read on the internet for you to know everything about it, just in one place:



Taking into account 2020 is the worst year to have models on the runway because of health issues, Jeremy Scott, Moschino's Creative Director, did something unusual, still amazing. He decided to debut his Spring/Summer 2021 collection on marionette models created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

As written bu Hilary Weaver for Elle the collection reflects 2020 in the design: "edges, seams, corsetry, panels, trims, and more". The press release says that the collection was inspired by the year we had, as it reads: "in short order, the world has flipped. It hasn't capsized, but we are certainly living in the upside-down, inside-out. The topsy-turvy. Everything is surreal but somehow also too real, altogether, all at once. It’s a recognizable place, but it feels foreign, alien, and admittedly, unnerving. Yet through this paradigm a revolutionary rulebook will be written. The old manual will burn. It is burning. We won’t call it a fresh start so much as it is a new start. Inner-workings are being laid bare; how these mechanics exist and evolve will change. In this respect, Jeremy Scott's Moschino Spring/Summer 2021 womenswear collection takes these inner-workings—which, typically speaking, have been kept hidden and unaddressed—and brings them forward. In 2020, the apparatuses of what we know have been largely exposed. Scott has chosen to reflect this phenomenon, and to build from it."

You can watch here the whole fashion show:



Well... Speaking about pandemic and lockdown, this is the most interesting app I learned about in the last couple of months. Supernatural: "Exercise in the most beautiful places on Earth without leaving your home", with incredible music, motivating coaches, and beautiful destinations. Still don't understand what I'm talking about?

Supernatural is an immersive, virtual reality fitness experience. You have a coach placed in the most beautiful landscape you can imagine (or not), full-body workouts that target every muscle of your body, the possibility of traveling the world, listening to good music, and the possibility of tracking your progress and challenge your friends.

You can also read Maggie Lange's review of the app on The Cut, which may convince you to start training in this innovative way.

Interesting right? It's always better to see rather than to read, please watch this video:


This may be the best way in which technology meets style, even though it's not that new. Many brands are applying QR codes to their labels to give shoppers more information about the product they are wearing, or even invite them to secret events. Rochambeau, for example, designed a smart jacket in 2016, is one of the first ones to use the QR strategy. Once you scanned the code with your cell phone you had access to:

  • VIP pass to an exclusive event selected by Rochambeau
  • A signed piece of artwork
  • An entry to Rochambeau's 2017 runway show at New York Fashion Week
  • Collect free gifts when being at least 500 meters of all three of the New Stand's Outlets, which is an experimental retail store that sells these jackets.

Want to know the price of the jacket at that time? $630.

Rock the Vote, a non-profit organization, also did t-shirts with QR codes that, once being scanned, redirected you to a website to register and vote online. Celebrities like Madonna were part of the movement.

Many brands did Marketing strategies with QR codes, look at this one from Victoria's Secret:


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