Modern technology makes every aspect of our lives easier. Especially shopping. But are new technologies actually helping consumers shop more consciously?

It is no surprise that the current pandemic has spurred technological and digital changes throughout the fashion industry. Once nation-wide lockdowns were set in place, consumers all over the world turned towards online shopping to avoid leaving their homes. Those who were once weary of online shopping relied on innovative technologies to make their experiences easier and customizable. The days of having to go into the store to physically see and try on items are no longer necessary, especially when it’s no longer safe.

Since the fashion industry is being forced to digitize at a rapid pace, new technologies that mimic in-person shopping and enhance online shopping are becoming highly sought after. One of the most valuable technologies of today within the fashion industry are body-scan tools that provide consumers with correct sizing and fitting measurements. Shoppers don’t want to have to wait for their items to arrive only to return them because they don’t fit right, they want things to be quick and easy, not long and complicated.

However, more consumers, especially younger generations, view these technologies as a way to combat and prevent the industry’s existing environmental impact. With customizable shopping experiences, online shoppers can browse items that they will actually like, further minimizing their chances of buying things they won’t wear or will have to return. Moreover, body-scan tools allow consumers to purchase clothes that will properly fit, reducing return fees and the environmental waste that comes with it.

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Shopping online
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Technological advancements and digitization are the fashion industry’s only hope for a future in where sustainability and ethicality are becoming more important to consumers. Luckily, ShopYourFit is already ahead of the game.

Our platform is constantly addressing contemporary issues within the fashion industry, such as textile waste, by providing users with a variety of tech features that customize and exact their online shopping experience. Its artificial intelligence technology allows ShopYourFit to show users garments based on their size and fashion taste, so that consumers don’t spend a majority of their time browsing products that they don’t like and won’t fit. It also prevents users from ordering items that they’ll just have to return or won’t even wear, averting further pollution and waste.

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Our innovative body scan technology provides uses with accurate size recommendations across a multitude of brands, further minimizing carboard waste by lessening the number of returns. ShopYourFit’s visual AI search also allows users to quickly and easily shop for items that they’ve seen by uploading photos using our image recognition technology, which includes accurate size and fit recommendations as well.

Shopping consciously might seem daunting or complicated for most consumers, but with ShopYourFit’s innovative technological tools, developing sustainable and ethical consumption habits are much easier and simpler than ever before.

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